• About Us

    The Los Angeles Volleyball Organization was a dream brought to life in 2010, by co-founders wanting to bring the residents of Los Angeles an organized league that would foster competition and build friendships. WSF is a natural extension of the LAVO brand, with our work supporting LAVO in its mission to promote the sport of volleyball and allow the organization to expand its current services to more of the community. LAVO is WSF and WSF is LAVO.

    • WSF Team

      We are passionate about sports and community and want to inspire others. At WSF, we blend our years of specialized knowledge in sports management, community outreach, marketing, design, event planning and communications, because we know that a combined effort exceeds the sum of individual performances. We value collaboration.

      Meet The Team

    • Contributors

      To reach our goals we called on experts at the top of their fields to help us round out our vision. Their passion and integrity aligned perfectly with our mission. Each brings extensive knowledge and valuable skill sets to WSF. From elements of design, photography, technology or management, each addition helps build the final project. Their contributions complete us.

      Meet Our Contributors

    • Our Mission

      To create a premier sports festival that unites athletes and spectators and promotes fair play.

      To encourage and support the development of active and healthy communities.

      To cultivate equality in our communities, neighborhoods and partnerships.

    • Our Values

      It is not our values that define us, rather we that define our values. We want to find solutions and shape the future. We want to build upon our existing foundation. And we will achieve this by working with equal measures of expertise, passion, compassion, integrity and accountability.

    • Social Responsibility

      It is our goal to make a continuous commitment to be ethical and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of our workforce, as well as the local community and society at large. We aim to create a positive impact on society while doing good business.